From General Secretary's Desk...


Dear Friends,

It’s been a wonderful journey so far both personally and professionally. When I count all the things I am grateful for, I feel immensely grateful to this beautiful city of Rourkela where I grew as a child, showered with the love of family, friends and elders. I feel grateful for the motivation and encouragement that my elders and friends never denied me every time I wanted to embrace a challenge and I feel grateful that you never stopped believing in me.

Today once again, and on the strength of your blessings, your encouragement and your unconstrained love, I have been elected to this extremely important position of General Secretary of Rourkela Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI). Our Chamber is one of the most prestigious institutions in the entire state of Odisha.I am really looking forward to contributing in this role and in my own way play a role in building our community, city and nation. However this will only be possible with your active support and blessings. 

I feel proud that our city is chosen as one of the 100 smart cities.  SMART – and that is where the world is going. 

The world is changing and technology coupled with the power of internet is changing business models.Brick and motor retail stores have been disrupted by online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon, Uber/OLA have changed the way people travel, mobile phones have disrupted manufacturing of cameras, GPS devices –the list is endless.  Every industry is transforming or will be transformed soon.  Many of us are seeing emerging trends in our own businesses with newer business models being deployed.

Humans are very good at denying things, we deny the fact that a new technology, which another organization or a new company is producing, will affect us. We also deny that the economic circumstances will have an impact on our business.I strongly believe that RCCI should play a pro-active role in educating our members on new technologies and trends.  We need to create enablers so as to help our members flourish using these technologies than be a victim to these technologies.  This will need a mindset change that we quickly need to embrace.  It will be my endeavor to help drive this change.

I do want to mention that we will continue to keep up the good work done by the past Executive Committees, and represent our chamber in all Local, State and National forums.  With the efficient working of both the State and Central Governments and policies being deployed by them, I am confident that our state Odisha will emerge as one of the leading states of our country in all aspects like Trade, Commerce, Industrialization, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Environment. 

Our Monthly Bulletin VICHAAR is a very informative effective forum with vast following.  It is awaited not only by the members but also by departments across the city and the state. I would request all our readers to contribute actively to the bulletin so that we can further enhance the content and quality.

Before I sign off, I would like to thank all our Past Presidents and executive committee members who have made RCCI an immensely recognized platform.  I am very impressed by the efficient structure and infrastructure in place to facilitate the smooth running of the institution.  I would say we are honored to inherit this fantastic structure and talent within.  I would like to assure you that we will continue this journey and strive to take our chamber to newer heights of glory.

Together we can embrace a new way of thinking, take our institution to greater heights and pave way for economic and social growth for ourselves and the community we live in.

With Warm Regards 

(Alok M. Losalka)

General Secretary